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If you looking for a high quality keg pump in Kenya, you are in the right place. Our keg pumps are highly polished with the base made of forged brass. These pumps are toughly constructed for longevity and performance. Tin-nickel alloy has been used to create the base.

At a budget that is difficult to beat, we promise these pumps will outshine and outlive any similar keg pumps available now on the market.

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We are interested in both your brand and objectives. Our team is enthusiastic about helping your company grow. We concentrate on doing tiny tasks admirably to ensure your success.

By working with us, you can increase your opportunities. We are the finest choice for all of your expanding and constantly changing business needs.

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Our S-type keg pumps are still operating and ready to handle all your ongoing business requirements!

We will assist you at every stage of your company venture to ensure you meet your objectives in a brief period. Our committed group of knowledgeable specialists is always on hand to provide you with a fantastic and optimal experience.

For those passionate about draft beer, our high-quality goods are designed to last many years of use. Our main goal is to provide reliable goods that are useful, practical, and aesthetically pleasing while forging close relationships with our clients.

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Keg Pump Price in Kenya

S type is a gas-charged pneumatic keg pump. It delivers up to 140psi and has an ultimate pressure of 150 psi (1.5 MPa). S-type keg pumps transfer liquid from one vessel to another by providing positive displacement service. A range of S-type pumps is available with various discharge pressures and flow rates on single or double-acting cylinders for multiple applications.

Here is what to consider when looking for keg pump prices in Kenya:


If you are looking for an S-type pump, then there are several things that you need to know. First, the S type is used for dispensing beer, wine, and other liquids. It has a double valve with an inlet of gas and liquid. The maximum pressure is 110psi which means it can handle high volumes of flow and pressures up to 1,000PSI (1 bar).

There are two types of connections on these pumps – one for gas and another for liquid so that you don't have any problems when using them with different containers such as wine bottles or soda cans, etc., The second thing about this type of keg pump is their price compared with other similar products in Kenya today; this makes them very affordable compared with other brands.

The main advantage of this kind of pump is its simplicity: there are no moving parts, and you don't have to worry about changing features like some other models. It means that if something goes wrong - like an internal component breaks down, you will be able to fix yourself without having professional help. It is so because you will need some essential tools such as pliers or wrenches and maybe even an adjustable wrench.


Product descriptions will help you get a good keg pump within your budget. The main difference between these two types lies in their construction and operation: while traditional models are made from metal with rubber seals, s-type keg pumps have no moving parts and use only air pressure to expel gas from the container.


The Keg Pump is an excellent choice for those looking for a high-quality keg pump that can handle any task. It has a 1/2" NPT connection, allowing it to be used with carbon dioxide and nitrogen kegs. It also comes with either an air distributor port (1/4" FPT) or an outlet mount (3/8" O.D x 3/8" flare).

If you're looking for something simple, affordable, but effective in your home bar setup, consider investing in this product today! Specifications will also determine the keg pump price. Usually, a keg pump with many specifications is costly, while that with few specifications is cheaper.

Our business has seen many keg pumps get used for years before they give out. That's why we offer such durable equipment at an affordable price. We use top-of-the-line materials and ensure that our keg pumps are built to last. Our goal is to ensure that our clients can use their rental equipment for years without worrying about breaking down or losing effectiveness due to wear and tear.