How S Type Keg Pump Operates

Digital weighing scale
Digital weighing scale

A keg pump is a crucial tool for home brewers and beer connoisseurs. The keg is the preferred container for beer, whether this is displayed prominently at the heart of a gathering or concealed in a pub's back room.

A keg is a more upscale version of a barrel. A stainless steel sheet is rolled into a cylinder and joined by welding. The cylinder is then given additional rigidity by having a set of ribs pressed into it at its halfway. Steel plates are similarly pounded out and soldered into position.

How it works

A keg generator forces beer upward and out of the keg by applying co2 pressure to it. The cylinder enables the application of consistent, even pressure to the keg. A regulator is attached to the co2 cylinder. The coupler employs separate tubing for outputs and inputs and permits beer to flow from it. One tube travels from the controller to the coupler "in" part, whereas another tubing runs from the coupler's "out" part to the faucet.

What Does Keg Coupler Mean?

If you wish to ensure that everything runs smoothly, a keg coupler joins the beer and airlines to your keg. It forces the beer from the draft system onto your glass using compressed air.

S-System: A European Sankey coupler is another name for an S System coupler, akin to the D System coupler. Heineken, Becks, and Amstel are a few of the well-known imports from Europe that it supports.


The keg coupler is the essential part that opens the gem inside a keg and sends it onto your taps.