About us

We are among the leading keg pump suppliers countrywide. Our keg pumps are easy to hook up to a tank and will dispense beer fast and efficiently without any foaming. We only rent out high-quality products because they last much longer than cheaper models; this means less downtime between refills!

If you are looking forward to propelling your business, you can count on our services at affordable rates.

Why choose us?

Experience - We are the experts to call when you are looking for a keg pump. We have been in the keg pump business for several decades, and our team of experts is always available to help you with any questions or concerns.

We are an experienced company that knows everything about kegs and how to dispense them easily. We offer a large selection of pumps from all different manufacturers, including those made by us at our facility.

Trusted company – we have offered services to various businesses, making us a trusted company. The most popular uses for our dispensers include weddings; parties; business meetings; sporting events; concerts/festival weekends where multiple lines may go out at once. Our clients love how quickly our keg pumps can be set up with minimal fuss.

Reliability – most of our customers rely on us for transportation and delivery. There are various means of transport available for delivery if you buy our keg pumps online. Receipts are also processed immediately to validate your payment. Most important is our caring customer care that will attend to you in the shortest time.

We are the experts to call when you are looking for a keg pump. You can also log in to our website to see the available keg pumps according to your needs. Our team is dedicated to providing the best services to all clients. Our machines have the best performance with a long-term warrant to serve you for long. Spare parts are also available.